My new cat POLOR

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Pictures  by Canria C  

New family menber Before I become the new family menber in my fiance's home.There is someone join the family first and he is Polor! Our newly adopted gentlemen, who is around 20 years old as a human , 1.5 years old as a cat! Polor is such a wonderful cat, who is smart, playful and sporty!!Polor is simply amazing charming and we all fall in love with him <3 

My soul is deeply captured by this little prince already !!!

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.

Flip Flops. High Tea .Wine tasting

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flip Flops -High Tea-Wine Tasting

Pictures  by Canria C  & Hilary C

SUmmer BLast is the answer when you add all the three items shown above together.
We have a brand new experience on high tea and wine tasting last weekend. Amazing Thai style high tea food which matched so well with the Riesling white wines we tasted!Everything taste so fresh and SUMMER! In my old dayoffs, they were all about doll up and walk in high heels.As summer is arriving , it is time to release our flip flops!

Thanks to my dear wine expert Anty F., a blogger , column writer of cosmo girl HK, a life adventurer  and a great friend.She have organized a brand new wine tasting experience for us ,the luxurydayoff girls.Enjoying wine can be relaxing and fun! 

Isn't the crown of wine Queen beautiful?
It belongs to this stunning German wine queen~

Thanks for the educating and interesting story behind each wine.

We were picking the taste and characteristic of each wine.
Seems that we have many potential wine experts here!

"GG" means Grosse Gewachs, wine that passed a tasting panel of 20 people to ensure its quality.

The sample of soil from where the grapes are growing.

A special giant from the owner's family collection ,brew since 1997.

The 1st ,3rd and 4th one is available in Watson's HK.
My favorite is no1!Which suit all occasion, picnic, dinner....
Love the apricot taste in it.

[Mango Tree ]
Shop 2032,Elements,1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK

A perfect luxury dayoff !

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.

A shining pearl in Siam :Hua Chang Heritage Hotel

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A shinning pearl in Siam

Pictures  by Canria C  & Vivian P. & Janice C.

THE Lady's Trip  Hey everyone how was you guys' Easter Holiday?Everyone seems to be out of town and having a lot of fun time!Sadly, there is no day off for me at Easter.I was Jealous and lonely....

Anyway, I want to share an amazing hotel in Bangkok we have been to in Jan2014! 
It was a fun , relaxing and yummy trip with my besties Vivian and Janice! 

The most beautiful promise- the proposal

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The most beautiful promise

Pictures  by Canria C  & Thomas T.

WE are engaged I am so happy to share a great new to you guys that I am getting marry in Sept!It is fun to prepare the wedding and I realized that I haven't been blogging for awhile since then.

This blog is dedicated to my Fiance Thomas , who have prepared  a wonderful proposal night.It was simple and yet it is the perfect way to ask the question.

It was the night of new year's eve ,Thomas dated me to go to  Stanley for count down.
He sweetly booked a hotel room for us to spend the night together ,so that we no need to rush in traffic after the countdown.

I  felt he was planning something ,
And I was quite confirmed while he asked me to close my eyes before entering the room.

When I opened my eyes again, 
that's what I saw

"Marry me"
There were candies on the floor and cute diamonds lamps decorations

He DOES remember
what I like
while we are talking about the proposal stories of our friends before.

Date: The night between 13&14
in Chinese mean to go through the whole life together,

"Would you marry me?"

A private proposal just me and him.

The Suit , what I always love see him wearing.

"Quando Quando Quando"
lovely music ,Telling him when I will be his


A ring

This cute silly fellow even bought two brunch of flowers , 
one is my all times favorite hydrangea ,while another of are roses.
Just to see which one I like better.

I love them both :)

Here came the Thomas T. Oliver in the house!
To catch a girl's heart , you have to catch her  stomach first.
Well done dear!

The night is simply perfect and amazing.
I was so happy and touched that I couldn't keep crying and being speechless.

Of course, I still managed to say

Agree to spend our lifetime together,
 is the most beautiful promise we ever made to each other.

 [Stanley Oriental Hotel]
2/F, 90B ,Stanley main Street,Stanley ,Hong Kong

This is the place we were staying for the night and it was incredible.
Splendid view , luxurious bath tub.
Simply amazing !

Thanks for reading! :)

and share my happiness with Thomas!


My Date with Dolphin PETER

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My date with Dolphin
A kiss that you will never forget

Pictures  by  David C  & Julia I. (AKA my dad &mum <3)


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