Rock the Night as ROCKABILLY

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rock the night as ROCKABILLY
Pictures  by Canria C  & friends

THE party  What are the essential elements of a great party?
FRIENDS, fun and crazy close friends are the most important.
FOOD, I am a loyal servant to my tongue and stomach.
Last but not last, DRESS CODE!

Dressing up for a gathering is fun and we pick the ROCKABILLY theme.
Luxurious vintage hair and makeup, tattoo sections ,sexy outfits and together with the ATTUIDE. We are perfect to party! 

G/F,4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central,Hong Kong

The diner served really nice milkshakes!

Bad gal V.S Bad gal 

Karmen met her friend who was performing in the Diner

And Karmen did some special songs for us !
I am her NO.1 fans!hahaha
Follow her @

We definitely felt like American people back in the 50s
 because of the amazing and fun decoration in the diner.
Great food and atmosphere.
If you like American style dinner, you NEED to go there!
Probably the best in HK!

Wait, you still wanna party and may be have a drink or dozens with us?
There is another nice place to go with your rockabilly look :)

G/F,12 LAN KWAI FONG,Hong Kong

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.

A brand new start

Monday, December 29, 2014

Pictures  by MaryAnn Photography

Becoming Mrs. After a couple of months,  I settled down from the excitement brought by the wedding and new life .It is time to sit in front of the new iMac at our new home and start to write blog post again!There are so much I want to share about ,the wedding , bridal shower , honey moon......

It was the best and most exciting years I ever had!

Here come some sneak peak from my wedding ceremony, an outdoor wedding as I have always dream of.

It was very simple , but perfect . 

More to come soon !

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.

Flip Flops. High Tea .Wine tasting

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flip Flops -High Tea-Wine Tasting

Pictures  by Canria C  & Hilary C

A shining pearl in Siam :Hua Chang Heritage Hotel

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A shinning pearl in Siam

Pictures  by Canria C  & Vivian P. & Janice C.

THE Lady's Trip  Hey everyone how was you guys' Easter Holiday?Everyone seems to be out of town and having a lot of fun time!Sadly, there is no day off for me at Easter.I was Jealous and lonely....

Anyway, I want to share an amazing hotel in Bangkok we have been to in Jan2014! 
It was a fun , relaxing and yummy trip with my besties Vivian and Janice! 

Phyaythai Road,Bangkok 10330, Thailand

All I can say it is a super new hotel , with prefect location!!!!! 
Walk distance :3 minutes from BTS and all those famous malls in Siam!

Our pretty Janice~

Cheer's for getting upgraded!
A LIKE to the service in here!
They even have a girl who can speak Cantonese and she is super helpful!
The welcome drinks matches the color of our room~Our favorite purple!

The room's lighting and air conditioning are control from this panel , convenient!  

Even with an extra bed ,there is still plenty of space!

There are a bath tub and a shower , luxurious~

A great trip that start with a great hotel! hehehe

THE ROAD TO HEAVEN  I LOVE having breakfast buffet in hotel.Last time we had a great experience in Central point hotel with my fiance a few years ago .This time .the buffet in Hua Chang Heritafe hotel is even better!!

The restaurant is so pretty!
There come the amazing huge variation of food choice!

Salad and fruit


I am so addicted to the traditional thai breakfast choices!

Seems made of sticky rice and coconut milk, some are salty and some are sweet.
All taste very nice! 

That most of them are made instantly.

And there are some Thai Pancakes too!

THE TRIP OF AMAZING FOOD  Thanks my lovely Vivian , who suggested so many nice restaurant in Bangkok and I am going to share with you guys later in the blog!

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.i.


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