SUAVIS . Beauty Lash make over

Saturday, August 15, 2015

SUAVIS .  beauty lash make over
Pictures  by Canria C  & friends

I have try Korean style of lash bar before.
After trying the Japanese style at SUAVIS I can totally tell how different they are.

Korean style: Bold , dramatic ,eyeliner like effect;
- Relatively discomfort, irritable glue to eyes;
-Lost a lot real lashes and feel tingling some times as fake ones are stick onto the skin.
Just like Korean people, they can tolerate pain and discomfort for beauty.

Japanese style:
-Natural, comfortable since fake lashes are stick on the lashes not on skin;
-Safe and non-irritable glue ;
-Wonderful service ,a bit more expensive.
Japanese people seek for  high quality of service and safety.
The outcome of the lashes are more subtle and natural.

As a Hong Konger, who stay in an international city ,we can try different things and experience them.Then,we can pick whatever style that suit us.

This time , I would like to recommend beauty lover to try Japanese style lash bar.
Even it is a bit more expensive but every single dollar worth it.

8/F,1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central,Hong Kong

That's  how the lash TRANSFORMATION begins....
 My sister and I were invited by our beautiful friend Noel to her Japanese Lash bar to have a lash make over. 
We are going to Japan in July and having our lashes done is so convenient ! 
Make up time is greatly diminished to 20 % for me during the trip. 
High recommend for girls who is going to trip with their boyfriends or Honeymoon!

Suavis is located at LKF( location shown at the map above),
I will give 10/10 for the location!
Before our make over , we are warmly welcome by staff there with home style slippers and explanation of the lash extension procedure.
Unlike Korean style, the Japaneses style of lash extension will be stick on to the bottom of your real lashes , a short distance from your skin. 
That's why I keep forgot I have my lashes done in the whole months!

Questionnaire about your health condition and concerns has to be completed before the procedure.
My sister picked natural and I picked sexy style.
Price list in 2015 for reference

Suavis provides a home like comfort environment. 

This amazing sofa bring me 2 hours of  deep sleep.
(That is Amazing!! for insomnia case like me)

The shoot before I went to deep sleep.....
The skin of my eye bags were nourished with their moisture mask.
The glue that SUAVIS used are all imported from Japanese and passed safety test.
No bad smell.No irritable feeling to eye.PERFECT! 

<before extension>

All in a sudden, 2 hours time passed and I woke up with these beautiful work of extensions!
<after extension>

<before and after>

The other new experience for me is that I also have my lower eyelashes extended!
I admired the technique of my stylist HANA so much !
There are 10 extension of each side and they look very natural and I barely feel a thing!
They makes my eyes look bigger and more energetic! :)

Noel carefully explain the metabolic and growth pattern of the lash and
 giving her expect care advises.

Self care kit is given to each client to brush and tidy up the lashes.
The yellow stick for cleansing is medical level produce.
My sister who is a dentist also used that in her clinic!

It has been a month since my make over and I am proudly to introduce my reader and friends to SUAVIS.
My extensions fall off gradually and my real lashes remains.
Here is the picture after one months.
Picture took when I woke up hahaha

Happy luxury dayoff!

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.

Issaya-Dinning at the dreamy garden

Friday, June 12, 2015

ISSAYA ,Dinning at the dream garden

Pictures  by Canria C  & friends

PINK is the keyword of tonight!

Girls night at Bangkok 
Someone once suggested that being thin is the most delicious thing on Earth.
Well, obviously my girls and I can't agree with this statement!
I feel so lucky that my besties LOVE food as much as I am!
My Vivian dear always search for new places and restaurants for us to try.
And my Janice dear is a COOKING MASTER!

Spending an evening with your closest friends to enjoy amazing food together is simply luxurious.

This restaurant is suggested by Vivian and we spent our last Bangkok night there and it worths every single minutes!
However,My friends, be prepared because this dreamy restaurant is located somewhere quite hidden.Our taxi driver almost gave up to find his way to the place and we had wondering around the area for almost 15minutes before we finally get there.

( name links to webpage of the restaurant)

4 Soi Sri Aksorn, Chua Ploeng Road, Sathorn, Bangkok

Appetizer :spicy pork baby back with chili paste,
banana blossom salad( so many banana I ate in my life, first time ever to taste its blossom!),
Gilled beef with herbs and organ vegetables

Gilled natural sankaburee chicken served with the mini "dove" and surprise!
Chiagmai mushroom and garlic together in short grain rice.

Tiger prawns that caught in the morning by boat, in house blent pepper sauce

Lamb knee with bones which melt in your mouth

Well,it was nice but not my favourite .
Dinning experience scores : 7.5/10!

A must try if you go to Bangkok!

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.

Rock the Night as ROCKABILLY

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rock the night as ROCKABILLY
Pictures  by Canria C  & friends

THE party  What are the essential elements of a great party?
FRIENDS, fun and crazy close friends are the most important.
FOOD, I am a loyal servant to my tongue and stomach.
Last but not last, DRESS CODE!

Dressing up for a gathering is fun and we pick the ROCKABILLY theme.
Luxurious vintage hair and makeup, tattoo sections ,sexy outfits and together with the ATTUIDE. We are perfect to party! 

G/F,4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central,Hong Kong

The diner served really nice milkshakes!

Bad gal V.S Bad gal 

Karmen met her friend who was performing in the Diner

And Karmen did some special songs for us !
I am her NO.1 fans!hahaha
Follow her @

We definitely felt like American people back in the 50s
 because of the amazing and fun decoration in the diner.
Great food and atmosphere.
If you like American style dinner, you NEED to go there!
Probably the best in HK!

Wait, you still wanna party and may be have a drink or dozens with us?
There is another nice place to go with your rockabilly look :)

G/F,12 LAN KWAI FONG,Hong Kong

Thanks for reading! :)

Canria C.


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