{VIDEO} Hilary 's Luxury Birthday dinner

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pictures by Canria C. (with Thomas T. 's camera)

Detail of the party can refer to here.

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When dream is reached ...... then what?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pink dream top fr Japan WEGO|
Jeans and sandals by Forever21|

WHat AFTER dream is reach?  Everyone talks about how we should chase after our dreams , but seldom tell us what is next after your dream is reached.In the past 3 years I have been focus at becoming a midwife. It was my dream , my target to become a midwife and lucky enough , I got my qualification in May.It feel so good when you put your best effort in chasing your dream and work hard to reach it After working for 2 months, the excitement cool down.
It is not easy to reach your dream , but after you reach your goal and how to maintain your passion and balance it with your life is not easy either. 

Midwifery in HK
To become a midwife in Hong Kong, the basic requirement is having the qualification of registered nurse.There are 2 courses being held in every April and October at the Midwifery School located in the Prince of Wales Hospital. The period of the training is 18 months which is one of the most intense and enthusiastic learning experience in my life. 

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Take a Tea break at Cafe Lavande

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blue t-shirt by Holister|
vintage short jeans|
Sandals by Forever21

Tea break I love to have a nice cup of tea , or hot chocolate during my dayoff at some nice cafe. Chatting with friends in Cafe Lavande and enjoy the leisure time at people watching , reminded me of my summer at Italy

Cafe Lavande
4 Prince's Terrace , 
Midlevels ,Central 

What a good time is
Watching travel magazine and discuss where will be our next destination , 
Learning how to shoot a good picture ,
Guessing the background of people passing by, 
Talking about the virus that mosquito can bring
 ...... then suddenly , it's time go home.

Try to learn photography skill from my dear Hilary who is now my model!

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 Love, Canria Caselli.

Luxury with love : Hilary's Guide to Hold a Luxury Birthday Dinner Party

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pictures by Canria C. (with Thomas T. 's camera)

[How to hold a luxury party without spending a million]

Step 1 :Invitation 

Send your guests invitation cards in a classy way

Step 2 : Treat each guest as V.I.P

Name tag and well designed tailor made menu are essential .

These beautiful print out are all designed and print by Hilary.
If you want to skip this job, printing companies are all happy  to help.

Step 3 : Decoration

Find out the style you like , pinterest  is a great source!
Contact the restaurant you booked and ask for items they can provided.

Make use of what you already have at home .

Ask a favor from your beloved friends and sure they will be love to help.
Cake Made by Melody Chan

Step 4 : Dress code

Set up a dress code for your party can make the party more luxury!
Evening Gown

Well dressed couple.

Michael Kwok who won the best dress award!
Step 5 : Be a great host

Hilary , the birthday girl, the star of the party and also the great host who make everyone feel like a beloved VIP.

Lovely souvenir for each guess

Participate and have fun at each preparation 

Best Party ever!!!!


Luxury Party Holding a luxury party is not about how much you spend , but how much effort you would like to put in to delight your guests with your taste.

Happy Birthday my Dear Hilary
It was the best birthday dinner ever,  I was so happy to be able to help out a little and be one of your guests!And thank you for letting me to feature your birthday party in my blog.Every details in the party is BEAUTIFUL ,just like you :)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Canria C.

Red or Blue ice stick? A dayoff at Lamma Island

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pictures by Canria Chiu & Thomas T.

Blue t-shirt by Holister|

Shorts by ZARA|
Sandals by Forever21

Lamma Island  This little island is a great place to have a little escape during dayoffs . 
Beaches , hiking mountains, restaurants ,cafe, interesting stores.....all you need at your holiday. Only 25 minutes by ferry between Yung Shue Wan ( Lamma Island ) and Central.

What can be more enjoyable to have a ice stick in a Sunny day? 

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White and peace

Saturday, July 6, 2013

White partial transparent top by tout a coup|

Shorts by ZARA|

WHite and peace I was born , grow up , learn from and work in an extremely rush and stressful environment, Hong Kong. It is cool that HK is full of energy which seems never have a resting moment. But even a rubber band will break if it has been stretching for too long. I do have some peaceful moment for myself.I love playing my favorite CD and lie on my bed.Doing nothing and let my nerve relax.Or walk home with a new routine when the weather is nice.What is your peaceful moment?

Mental health
The condition of your mind is as important as the health of your body.Not all people who suffer from mental diseases are crazy killers in the movies.There are common mental diseases like anxiety , depression and phobia ... In HK, every one out of ten people is suffering from a minor or major mental disease.It is important to work hard, but it is even more important to know how to relax. I wish my blog can provide you with some relaxing and fun ideas to do in your day offs and enjoy your life too !

A rest, a pause...

...is the key  to move on

 Love, Canria Caselli.


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