How to pose nice in pictures featuring Hilary Chan

Sunday, September 22, 2013

 How to pose nice in Pictures

Confusing at how to pose in pictures? This blog post may be helpful!

Pictures by Canria C.

Modeling and posing tips by Hilary Chan

Posing  It has always been very difficult to look good and confident in the picture for me .
I am learning so much from my pretty photographer Hilary Chan. 

Hilary's blog :

Here is so tips of posing sharing from her.A good pose can make you look 10 pound less in picture!

Leg leg leg, posing is all about the legs.

Step 1:
As easy as it can be,
always try to raise up your body by
 pointing your supporting legs like dancing ballet.

see the left heel? 

Step 2:
 Turn in your non supporting legs .
which mean put your knee to cover another knee of supporting leg.
Try to cover up the meaty part of the thigh at the same time.

Step 3:
 Chins up , smile on ( ok , I admitted that I am a great fans of Hunger Games)
chest out and straighten your back! 

Being Confident is the key of looking great in the picture!

So now you can see the different!

Shooting  It was a super fun shooting day! I enjoying shooting and learning photography skills from my dear Hilary soooooo much! She is my" C Fu" now! ( "C fu"means master/teacher in Cantonese).
Although some pictures are out of focus (hahaha), but I think I did captured some nice angle of "C Fu "Hilary.Hope you like these pictures too!

Thanks for reading! :)

Carnia C.

A flawless day off [The perfect mani-pedi]

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dress by NIKO and...|
Sandals by Zara|

Video coming soon in later post

Flawless  It feels so good every time after I have my mani-pedi done .
My little gems like nails can keep the smile on my face for the whole day. 
A relaxing afternoon chill out with your lovely friends to enjoy a 5 star hotel quality manicure or pedicure , and having a glass of champagne at the same time ?

I would say it is totally flawless dayoff.

This time, Hilary and I were having a flawless pampering after together and yes, we were in heaven.

4/F Sea bird House,
22-28 Wyndham Street,
Central ,Hong kong

[Special promotion for Luxurydayoff readers only]

Flawless , the beauty specialized is kindly provided a specical offer for luxurydayoff readers!
All you need is to tell the clerk lady you are reader of Canria's  Luxurydayoff.

You know what? Their spa rooms are as nice as a room of a boutique hotel! 
More detail in my video coming soon!


It is simple as black and white
I can't help myself falling in love with the interior design of Flawless,
which the style is modern and chic. 

Meanwhile, it provides a lot of space and natural light in the shop that make you feel so energetic,relaxing and fresh right from the moment you walk in. 
You can find yourself home there no matter you go in by yourself, with one or a group of friends!

Pedicure area
Manicure area
Make up area . Flawless also provide professional make up service!

Outdoor paradise
The most luxury thing you can see in a beauty salon of Hong Kong ----an outdoor resting area!

When Hilary and I first arrived , we started our experience with chilling here served with champagne and bubbles.

House signature drinks of Flawless---a treat for every guest.

Champagne in the afternoon?
 That's how a luxurydayoff started.

Nice chat with beautiful Celine [ French!]

Let's the 5 star pampering started
Details of the treatments will be shown in the coming-soon-video.Snap shots during our pampering time were shown as below.

I was enjoying a basic manicure and pedicure treatment (HKD550) ,
the procedure lasted for 90 minutes.Their manicure treatments range from HKD250-HKD450 , pedicure from HKD350-HKD600, it depends what extra upgrades you need. 

Let's get started!

Professional and friendly staffs of  flawless.

Flawless staff carefully put on cuticle soften lotion for me.

All the products they use are O.P.I, from lotion, nail polish and even the nail polisher.

My little Sapphires! 

Flawless nails and skin
The best thing in the treatment is that they will do a quick scrub and massage for you.
After that ,moisturizer will be put on your hand and feet.

Since I love wearing flat and flap flop in summer, the dorsal parts of my feet were so dark due to unprotected from the sun.After the treatment, I can totally see the different that my skins on my feet look much brighter and smooth! Another bonus besides the sweet gems on my fingers and toes!

Hands of a midwife
When I just started my study in midwifery, there was a lesson talked about what is midwifery and how the public see a midwife.
There is a article mentioned about what kind of hands a midwife should have: short and tidy nails, slim and long fingers.

I picked a very natural and sweet pink for my nails.The hands of a young midwife.

Brighten skin of my feet and lovely sapphires toes.

Trustful pampering for mothers to be 
Flawless is very professional at facials , makeup and nails.They are really good at providing individualized services for different clients.

This pre-natal massage section is a great recommendation for mothers to be who need to be pampered ,especially the one who is suffering from minor disorder like back pain, oedema , constipation after the second trimester.

I would not recommend pregnant ladies to go for massage by technician without specific training on prenatal massage ,which may lead to any obstetrical problem like antepartum bleeding or pre-term labour! It is important to pick a trustworthy beauty specialist!

Happy feet :)
It was a wonderful experience in flawless , any friend of mine would love to have a happy mani-pedi hangout with me , just let me know ! :)

Thanks for reading! Love, Canria Caselli.

Fashion challenge : 90 % white and 90 % vintage

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pictures by Carnia C and Kate W.

Necklace & Skort  by Zara|
Heel by Plata |
Alma PM by LV|

The 90 % CHALLENGE  It was a wonderful afternoon and I was hanging out with my vintage lover friend Kate. It is fun to have dressing code with friends while we go out together and last time there was a new fashion challenge for both of us : we have to wear a outfit with 90 % of the same element!

Sky park and Iconic bar in Chai Wan
Kate and I always meet up at Chai Wan as we both work there. Although it is a industry district, there are some interesting shops and cafes I would like to introduce in my blog! 

Iconic bar
12/F ,youth square, 
238 Chai Wan Road, 
Chai Wan

I must say  that their hot chocolate is not the best in town, but the price is not expensive either.
Which makes the cafe affordable for everyone even students. 

90% white
The element I choose is 90% white ( if you don't count the bag).It is easy to look fat in white outfit , but the white Skort fr ZARA ( the combination of shorts and skirt ) can really make your legs longer and thinner. I love its cutting and design .

I love the natural light coming from the outdoor area!

90% vintage
It is not surprising that Kate will pick vintage as her element ! Kate always have her unique style which is a mixture of retro ,vintage and chic.Here is her face book page: Kate love svintage

What's on Kate
Dress by ZARA|
Necklace by Link of London|
Belt by Initial|
Vintage purse fr Mexico|

Kate has many nice leather items , this purse is purchased in  Mexico .

I would say Kate is the girl who suit fish mouth heel best among all the people i know.

WORK: my 90% white uniform
My old day to day nurse uniform was used to be a well fitted knee length white dress, white nurse shoes and a belt of blue. The image of a nurse is so classic with that uniform .However, we have changed our uniform into a over sized pajama like working clothes ,which is 100 % blue .Even it is convenience to work , it is hard for clients to identify us between doctors, health care assistants or cleaning staffs. Another disadvantage is that  the trouser are using elastic rubber band for the waist , we could have gained a lot of weight without noticing......  and that's my case ...

The old days
Oh how I admire the old tradition hat and cape !!!
This model is 300 % more beautiful than real life nurse 's working clothes.

I will properly request to transfer into this hospital if the provide uniform like this!
Picture fr Call the Midwife.

'Thanks for reading! Love, Canria Caselli.

The scent of rain

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pictures by Canria C.

ACQUA di GIOIA by Giorgio Armani|

RAINING  It has been raining for almost a week and the sky look so grey and sad.To cheer up myself in rainy days , I always love to put on my favorite perfume ACQUA . I simply love its clean , aquatic,refreshing smell.It 's like immersing myself into a perfume version of MOJITO , a great way to wake up in a rainy day.

Thanks for reading! Love, Canria Caselli.

Women are like heels

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pictures by Canria C
Modeling by Hilary C.

Black heels by Zara|

Heels  are sexy and beautiful, but they are not easy to manage.

As long as you can tolerate the pain they bring ,
you can enjoy the confident and glamorous as the same time.

Heels may look delicate and fragile,
in fact they are strong enough to support the heaviest weight. 

These little black heels may look simple, actually there are so much efforts and details in them.

Just like women.

Shooting Hilary By me this time
It was a fun shooting for Hilary and her beautiful legs and heels.She posed so well that the shooting is so smooth and natural!In fact ,Hilary did all the lighting set up and directing , I just press the shutter and I did a great job I think LOL! Thanks Kate for the help!!

Thanks for reading! Love, Canria Caselli.


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