After work makeover at AMIKA harido bar[ 5 free hair do give away!]

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All we need is a MAKE  OVER!

T-shirt by Zara|
Jeans by Luxury preloved|

post-work depression
I looked so tired and boring after a long day of busy work!!!! 
My skin was horrible ,my hair was horrible,my outfit was horrible
it was a everything-horrible -bad- bad -day.

Canria: "OH I feel so ugly "

Canria:"Let's date my beauty muse Hilary and see what can I do to make this bad day nice!"

Here came diva Hilary !

Hilary : " Dear! I know there is a new place perfectly for you to have a nice  make over,Let's go !"

The entrance of a wonderland?

G/F,8 Elgin Street ,
Central ,
Hong kong

Phone :22910070

[5 free hairdo for Luxurydayoff readers only]

How to enter:

Step 1:
Like Amika hairdo bar 's facebook page :here 

Step 2:
 Like Canria Caselli  's facebook page:here

Step 3: 
Leave the comment at this post 
with your name , email and reason why you need a make over!

I will pick the best 5 written reasons before 20/10 and they will be the winner!

The hair bar experience
Instead of stepping into a salon , I felt like going into a bar instead!Hilary and I were so excited to pick the hair styles we liked and popped into the chair in no time,we couldn't wait to let the make over start!
This hair making experience was like no others, it is perfect for any special day ,important date or simply a fun gals night out!

The Amika: hairdo bar concept is focused on the power of transformation—
with the goal to not only revamp a woman’s look, but also her confidence.

I have been using the Amika styler and their products for 2 years.
They are a bit expensive but I still think it is reasonable according to their quality and function!

There are 12 different hair style you can choose from:Blowout$280| Updo$580 |Dry styling $180

We were served with champagne and candy.
What a Luxury hairdo experience for luxurydayoff girls!

The " sweet bar tender "
We were not able to look until the hair style is finished!I was so excited to see my new look!

Say cheers to our new hairstyle!

 Alluring waves on Hilary, very sexy and suit her well.

Bohemian Beauty on Canria: unlike my usual style, I picked something cute!
What do you guys think?:)

A little color will do the work
A girl do not need heavy make up to look great, confident and healthy skin is the key to beauty.

A few years ago I loved heavy and glamorous make up so much: thick eye liners, double fake eyelashes at both upper and lower eyelids, glitter eye shadows....... 
My skin texture became really horrible.Uncontrolled pimples and super dark eye circles were my trademarks.The poorer my skin was, the heavier make up I would put on to cover it.
Untill one day, I was suggested by a female stranger in a lift of the university that she found I will look pretty even I do not put on such heavy make up.Her words woke me up from the endless heavy make up cycle!

It took a long while for me to find a natural way to put on  make up that suit me,in a much simplified way, without too heavy and yet can look healthy and shine.

BareMinerals is my favorite cosmetic brand, I am deeply in love with their foundation and eye shadows.

Their eye shadows are easy to wear, the color is solid and long lasting , the most important is that its texture is so soft and smooth which bring much less burden to skin of your eyes.
Now it beats my all times favorite Urban Decay eye shadow to become the number one on my list.

Easy as a piece of cake, brown for the eye lids and smear with the spongy or your finger.
I will also apply a little at the end of my eye.
Using brown eye shadows instead of eye line can product a softer tone.

I like to apply the lighter pink color at the corner of my eyes.
To produce some innocent feeling hahahaha.

My real life "pen of delete " from shu uremura

I simply love the texture and  how convenience it is

Lip sticks is always the soul of a make up

Chanel's rouge coco 78 peregrina

Not much different before and after the makeup but I would say I looked more cheerful and healthy!

Before :A nurse who is rushing to work
After: Girly Bohemain in Pink

Before: Busy working photographer
After: Mature sexy vintage lady

F.Y.I: Amika means girl friends :)
Thanks Amika so much for the experience!

Thanks for reading! :)

Carnia C.


  1. I want to hv a new style and sexy looking :)
    Become attractive and confident
    Joey Lo^^

  2. This place seems amazing, youn look like movie stars! Wish I lived in Hong Kong so I could go there.
    Laura. xx

  3. You girls looked amazing !!
    I wish I can have a make over too , to celebrate the 1st wedding anniversary with my hubby to give him a surprise !! =]


  4. Wanna to have a new and refreshing look ~~~
    Really want to try a luxury hairdo :p

  5. Thanks for sharing the beauty tips! I wanna try Amika hair make over for my bridal shower too! My bridesmaid would be surprised!

  6. Woww~~~ Great look Canria and Hilary <3
    I love the curly hair so much on Hilary as well as the cute cute hairstyle on Canria~
    It wil be a very good experience to try Amika, hope can enjoy a luxury hairdo in Amika !!!


  7. Love the makeover and makeup:) It's almost every girl's dream to have those sexy curls.
    I've had the same hairstyle for the past 10 years, would love to get a fresh new hairdo from Amika to get rid of my boring hairstyle!



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