Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pictures by Canria  C with  S90

Baseball dress by H&M|
Black sneaker by I.T|
Blue leather bag by Katie Judith|

CHicca  A newly opened Japanese hair salon by the hair group HAIRDO. I have never been to a  Japanese style salon before , and I have been looking forward to this hair style make over for weeks!( Postponed due to typhoon 8 ,sign) 


1/F,Fortuna Building,
63-67 Wellington Street ,
central ,Hong kong

Walking up for a change 
Chicca is located at the 1st floor of the Fortuna Building , there are pictures of beautiful hair styles designed by Chicca on the wall next to the staircase.

Chicca is a spacious , bright and clean salon.
P.S The uniform of the Chicca 's staff really cute ! 

There are lockers for each clients to store their belongings.

I love their hair washing corner,
 the little pillow with blanket add extra point to the comfortability . 

For new customers, there is a discount package !
Only 880HKD, you can enjoy DYE, CUT and TREATMENT!

A funny look when straightening my hair, I look like hair in the Adam's family hahaha 

Here is the famous Japanese Hair dye used in Chicca , no offensive smell and less damage to hair.

The protective bubble added to the dye .

Done!!!! My new hair color with my stylist ASANO san,
who can speak fluent English , Cantonese and  Japanese ( for sure)!

Do you like my new hairstyle?

Overall comment 
This is the first time I ever have my hair done in a Japanese salon. I LOVE their service so much, the staffs are super nice and friendly. The salon is very tidy and clean and without any cigarette smell. The procedures were performed very quick and in detail.Only 2/3 time was spent here than I usually need in other salon.   

My hair stylist Asano san is very patient and talented.Thanks for teaching me new technique to curl my hair at home!

Thanks for reading! Love, Canria Caselli.

Good afternoon Sevva

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mint tube dress , crystal necklace,white sandals  by Zara|
Purple handbag by LV|

Sevva  Good afternoon my friends, let's enjoy a fabulous brunch under the sky of flowers.


Prince building 25/F
10 Chater Road
central ,Hong kong

Future planning for luxurydayoff X luxury preloved
Luxury preloved girls are gathering for the next up coming luxury preloved project online!
So excited about it ! Details will be announced soon at both at this blog and facebook page.

Brunch meeting with my Luxury Preloved girls , discussing  our coming project.

I know I am on diet now , but it is sin not to eat what is served with a graceful heart.

Sevva 's organic tea ,
A pot of good tea is an essential element of  a luxurydayoff  .

Today's outfit , no heels for twisted ankles !

Thanks for reading!
 Love, Canria Caselli.

DARKY WALK in Sunshine

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pictures by Creamy C.

Mini Shorts ( but in the category of skirt) by Zara|
bag by Long champ|

Darky It is been our dream to have a little puppy since childhood, I mean my sister and I. My whole family is full of joy and excitement when cute little baby Darky become one of our family member. It is so hard not to love him.All the sudden ,I can underatnd why people keep posing the picture of their dogs on facebook.

Sweet and darling
Darky is so smart and cute that it stolen all our hearts just with one look.OH! That's my handsome brother in law at the back :)

Walking at sunset 
It has been a long wait till Darky is old enough and got all the vaccination ,and now he can enjoy his very first outdoor walking ! The first walk was exciting and fun. It was lucky to meet up some black poodles like Darky , as if they were the big brothers and happy to meet him. The owners of other dogs got excited too, because they haven't meet any 5 -month-old puppy for a long while.People were nice and the weather was wonderful. It couldn't be a more luxury dog-walking - dayoff :)

Thanks for reading!
Canria C.

My recently favorite look

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Green t-shirt by Holister|
vintage jean short|
sandals by Forever21|

Simple AND causal To be honest, t-shirt - and - shorts is my all time favorite look in summer. Convenient to move and can allow you to survive under the Sun in HK. What is your favorite look in summer?

Heat stroke
SUN during summer can be very strong , so strong that can dehydrate you and lead to heat stroke. Notes the following sign and symptoms: high body temperature  >40 degree, lack of sweating , nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing ,flushed skin , muscle cramps and even loss of consciousness. 
How to manage? Move the patient to a shaded area and remove excess clothing, place cool wet towel onto the patient's face, neck , underarm and groin area to remove the over heat from the body.Don't forget to call help and send him/her to the hospital asap if the condition do not improve! 
Hope you will find it useful! 

Thanks for reading!
 Love, Canria Caselli.


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