My Date with Dolphin PETER

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My date with Dolphin
A kiss that you will never forget

Pictures  by  David C  & Julia I. (AKA my dad &mum <3)

"Hello~~~~~" Peter was greeting us at a super high pitch 

Peter~ the lovely young dolphin who was under
 the care of the dolphin lounge after some fisherman captured it by accident (as they told us).

Say Hello TO PETER I always admire dolphins, the elegant , sweet and intelligent creature.When I was small,around six years old, I had my first close encounter with dolphin in Ocean Park HK. It was magical and I still remember every single detail in it.
 The dolphin interacting experience is one of the most exciting event at our Bali trip! It is simply unbelievably amazing that you can touch, hug and KISS the dolphin and PLAY with them!!

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 67 Sanur, Denpasar 80227, Bali, Indonesia 
Phone : (62-361)283 972, 283 973

The package included transportation directly pick up from our hotel to the lodge.
The trip took around 30 minutes.

we got so excited!

This is the place where guests have their briefing on the left and changing room on the right. 

After putting our bags in the locker, it's time to get onto the boat!!!

How come my mum ( the pretty lady on the right of the picture ) look so young!?ENVY!

The boat trip took around 10 minutes to take us from the lodge to the sea port 

The port on the sea

where have 6-8 separated parts and each lives a dolphin or sharks

The trainer is gathering peter to greet us by a pose!


I am sooooooooooo thrilled t o massage PETER~

We are asking Peter to High five with us!

Kissing time~

Hugging time and peter is smiling to the camera!

We are told secret parts of the dolphins like his belly and double chin and some old scars while he was captured by fishermen.
Massage time for Mr Peter~For thanking him showing us his fat chin.

Peter even pretend to bite us at the pictures!!!!

After some close contact, we can see how dolphin swim and performance under the water.
Peter is such a good swimmer that you can throw a small stone to the sea and he can return it to you with the stone on his nose!

Great jumb!
It is amazing!!!!!

The 45 minutes experience finished as fast as a flash of lighting ..........
it was time to say good bye

The dolphin trainer is really nice and friendly.
The atmosphere of the whole experience is amazing and fun!

Blissing TO PETER
I think that will be even better if we can swim with dolphin in the wild.Anyway , at least the dolphin look really healthy and happy.Seems that the Lodge treats them well. There are limited time slots everyday and number of guess at each times slot is restricted.The guide will provided a briefing before the activity to let us know what we can or can't do.All in All, we enjoyed the experience very much!!!

I just simply can't believe how can anyone would kill such beautiful creature...... 
sincerely hoping those traditional dolphin killing activity in some country can be prohibited ......

Dolphin therapy

Yes, interacting with dolphin is a therapy! It should be unbelievable for  HongKongers as we can only see dolphins in Ocean park or somewhere far far away in south east sea of China.
This therapy is quite popular in western countries.I watched a documentary a few years ago, there was a loving mother bring her 6-7 years old little girl to the dolphin therapy.The little girl suffered from a disease that all her joints were stiff and she had many hard lumps on her back. She had limited ability to move.When her mother brought the little girl to swim with the dolphins, she looked sooooooo happy and played  along and swimed with the dolphin as hard as she could. It was beautiful to watch that moment.
Island Dolphin Care have been  providing dolphin human therapy for the  children with disability , special needs and  wounded people like soldiers for over 20 years. It is not a miracle remedy or cure to every incurable disease,claimed by IDC. In fact, though the interactions with the  dolphins, patients and their family can easily find fun and joy during the treatment .Therefore, usually there will be some great improvement in their healing progress.

We should be graceful for the unconditional love and support from the dolphins.
I think they are better nurse than I am. 

Thanks for reading! :)


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